By Vedika and Kriti

What do you think of the pic that features this article? Cute right? well, 85% of people would be going all “Awww ” for that pic. Okay, not stereotyping girls!

All those cute big eyes and big noses and  big heads. They’re adorable.

After all, who’s Man’s Best Friend??? Yes! Our little canine pals!

The main reason of our obsession towards owning one of these cutsies is their attraction towards us. Also, we humans are so super melodramatic with a HUGE emotional mass that our heart becomes so heavy (LOL)!

Most of us might want to cuddle in our beds with them, or perhaps pet them (taking advantage of the soft fur). Well, they are possibly the cutest and trendiest animal to be owned!!

here’s a treat:

They are soo cute!!!