Why are hashtags so popular

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By Kriti Hooja and Vedika Gupta



If you’re on social media, you’re most likely to be using many tags like #socool or #bored…

Do you even know what Hashtag means? Four lines sketched across each other in a Tic-Tac-Toe format?

That was simpler! 🙂

These are mostly used for relating the post to some topic! Plus, they look pretty cool! #ExpressAlite

This actually began with twitter, when people actually started using these tags to simplify their intro…


Why do you use them in almost every photo of yours?Any Thoughts on it?Any reason? They are basically cooler for people to use.

What can be the reason?We have thought alot on this topic and really wanted to find who started this trend but it was way to deep.

Hashtag boosts your purpose of the photo and conveys through creating a particular kind of community of similar hashtags.

If you have started thinking that hashtags are orthodox and so don’t want to use them because it will be categorized  uncool then you should definitely use them..Bringing old trends back is a job of trendsetters.Right? Like off shoulders had gone out of trends a long back ago but now it’s so back!




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