Color Blocking!!

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By Vedika!

Hey guys,it’s me! and today we have a new fashion advice!!..

This one is gonna be exciting, so tighten your seat belts and get ready..

For all parties,funky places etc. . Anywhere you go, this is just as unique as you and just as perfect..

So, what do you think is color blocking?…color blocking is not wearing monochromatic colors or adding a pop of color..It is completely different and trendy..

Definitely pairing a maroon belt with nude peach romper is cute but what about a red crop top with blue denims and white sneakers? Isn’t that even better?

Color blocking looks cool and you look open and like a bosss!

Personally,I have never really tried it more than once or twice but now it is my new favorite..

Even most of the youtubers these days prefer this new look!..

It was in trend when we go back to 2010s and it looks as if it is returning..

I think we all should be the first ones to set this trend back to life..shouldn’t we?

So,open your closet and pair all clothes with their opposites and go anywhere you like!

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