Coolest invention in history of mankind.

Many of you might not be aware of these inventions that are so cool, they will blow off your mind...These scientists or not only scientists but also commoners have invented such things that you will love to get and won't be able to resist.. so let's see what they are! !- Cloud Lamp- So it's basically … Continue reading Coolest invention in history of mankind.

New Harry Potter Books , 2018!

  By Vedika Yes!  Three new Harry Potter books will be released before Christmas 2018 and another magical journey will start..Make sure , you order them before they are sold out! Harry Potter: A pop-up guide to Hogwarts- A 3d book by Kevin M. Wilson and the pop-up engineer Matthew Reinhart. . Yes..that's right , … Continue reading New Harry Potter Books , 2018!

6 Must-reads for potterheads!!

By Vedika Hey potterheads! EXCLUSIVE EXCLUSIVE ..Must reads for you are here..You are honestly gonna love them.. I am still reading my series tho I have read it 2 times(yes , Im crazy about it) but sure you guys will love more such books that appeal to your interests...Here we go!!- 1.The magicians -- This … Continue reading 6 Must-reads for potterheads!!

How to increase the visitors on your blog??

By vedika Talking personally as well as publicly , we always wish we had more visitors and followers and that has not happened yet . So before we move on to our topic for the day, make sure to follow us!! r gonna love it,literally. Now the ways which I am gonna write will be … Continue reading How to increase the visitors on your blog??

Fall (Style is back)

By Vedika, Well guess, it wasn't wholly a disaster after all (if u don't get why I'm calling it a disaster read my 'Fall Disaster 2018' article. But don't worry high class trends are coming your way.. This time it has a sprinkle of sparkle styled with suits and scarfs and even with one pieces!! … Continue reading Fall (Style is back)

Fall Disaster 2018

By Vedika.. Fall is here and we all were excited for our back to school outfits but oh! The disaster.I watched the coverage of some fashion shows and neon animal prints are back in style..unbelievable.. Here are some photos from Tom Ford collection at NYFW 2018.. Not sure how this looks to you but to … Continue reading Fall Disaster 2018

Facing Writer’s Block

By Kriti and Vedika What to write when you seriously don't know WHAT TO WRITE? This is the biggest question every beginning writer needs to ask now or later. So, here are a few ideas you could probably use to get what to write. Firstly, you SHOULD carry a small notepad along with you. Mostly … Continue reading Facing Writer’s Block