The Gingerbread Man

By Kriti and Vedika   I see a red nose, I see it coming close... There's something that's not on it's place then it punches me in the face. BOOM! I see your yellow eyes, I love your Halloween disguise! I feel there's something in the air, Now my story's changing gear. BOOOOOOOOOO... I can … Continue reading The Gingerbread Man

Living in a Fantasy

By Kriti Hooja Remember the days we spent in Paradise, When we didn't need no lectures just to open up our eyes. Roses and tulips and merry green trees, I thought we were living in a million fantasies.   Remember those days we wished to trot the world, When we didn't need to think once, … Continue reading Living in a Fantasy

Fathers Day!! <3

By Kriti & Vedika   When I remember, the moments we have spent together... What comes to my mind is this, It has been such a merry bliss. With you always there by my side, There is, for sure, no need to hide. Now is the time to ThankYou 😉 Dad, I love you.   … Continue reading Fathers Day!! ❤


By Vedika , Who knows what lies there In the different world, Beyond the never-ending sphere of life. Out of the beautifully crafted universe In the mind of god, Where no one can reach Even those who preach. In the commotion of this sphere, Who cares what lies there Beyond the skies Far from this … Continue reading Beyond..


By Kriti When the night blends in, the clouds are no more thin, The stars forever stay, Hang there to guide my way. With a swish and a flick, even when the clouds go thick, I know they are still there, I know they really care. They shine better than good old Mr. Moon, I … Continue reading Stars

Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!

By Kriti Even when the skies go grey, And no matter, come what may. You know how to shine brighter than the sun, You aren't worth no quote, no pun. And now its time I show my love, You are prettier than that white peace dove. The better part I find out of you, You … Continue reading Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!


By Kriti TRAVEL There are places you’ve seen, There are places you’ve been. And sure! There are places you dream, Or ones that might give you a scream. Oh yes! There are places mysterious, Might drag you furious. But still- I do love to travel, Like geese to be gaggle. To please one depressed, To … Continue reading Travel