Coolest invention in history of mankind.

Many of you might not be aware of these inventions that are so cool, they will blow off your mind...These scientists or not only scientists but also commoners have invented such things that you will love to get and won't be able to resist.. so let's see what they are! !- Cloud Lamp- So it's basically … Continue reading Coolest invention in history of mankind.

How to increase the visitors on your blog??

By vedika Talking personally as well as publicly , we always wish we had more visitors and followers and that has not happened yet . So before we move on to our topic for the day, make sure to follow us!! r gonna love it,literally. Now the ways which I am gonna write will be … Continue reading How to increase the visitors on your blog??

Facing Writer’s Block

By Kriti and Vedika What to write when you seriously don't know WHAT TO WRITE? This is the biggest question every beginning writer needs to ask now or later. So, here are a few ideas you could probably use to get what to write. Firstly, you SHOULD carry a small notepad along with you. Mostly … Continue reading Facing Writer’s Block

Attack of the Mighty Storm

ATTACK OF THE MIGHTY STORM By Kriti             We had been offshore since a fortnight. It was like we were in the middle of nowhere. The thundering weather conditions did not suit the Barron (as our ship was called). The waves smashed into each other and pounded on him. The clouds got angry. The mountainous … Continue reading Attack of the Mighty Storm


By Kriti TRAVEL There are places you’ve seen, There are places you’ve been. And sure! There are places you dream, Or ones that might give you a scream. Oh yes! There are places mysterious, Might drag you furious. But still- I do love to travel, Like geese to be gaggle. To please one depressed, To … Continue reading Travel

The Crazy Little Frog

By Kriti THE CRAZY LITTLE FROG Yesterday when I was walking down the road, My eyes fell on something looking just like a toad. It was probably not a toad but a frog, It was soaring on a blackish brownish log. It had a dull green skin, Its legs were far too thin. It jumped … Continue reading The Crazy Little Frog

Teal Appeal

By Vedika Gupta Teal is a tricky color in trend,though it might go well with colors like white,beige,black of course,orange etc.. There is a great need to understand the traits teal is related to before wearing it and it might as well be used in different styles on different occasions. Preferably, teal is used as … Continue reading Teal Appeal