By Kriti TRAVEL There are places you’ve seen, There are places you’ve been. And sure! There are places you dream, Or ones that might give you a scream. Oh yes! There are places mysterious, Might drag you furious. But still- I do love to travel, Like geese to be gaggle. To please one depressed, To … Continue reading Travel

Teal Appeal

By Vedika Gupta Teal is a tricky color in trend,though it might go well with colors like white,beige,black of course,orange etc.. There is a great need to understand the traits teal is related to before wearing it and it might as well be used in different styles on different occasions. Preferably, teal is used as … Continue reading Teal Appeal

Disney v/s HP

By Kriti Hooja If you're asked... Are you a Disney fan? Are you a Potterhead? (You'd know that if you are) And then you're asked... Which ONE would you choose? Its a good question though. Disney has got series for everybody- Marvel:Avengers, Disney:Princess, Disney:Pixar, and a lot lot more... Though it might sound childish to … Continue reading Disney v/s HP


Are you getting bored? Are you out of stuff you want to do? Try out some of our ExpressAlite challenges! Before all, don't forget to subscribe to us website!! Scribble challenge Use these uploaded scribble and make something out of them! Or maybe, close your eyes and play some music and scribble with the flow! … Continue reading Challenges