Attack of the Mighty Storm

ATTACK OF THE MIGHTY STORM By Kriti             We had been offshore since a fortnight. It was like we were in the middle of nowhere. The thundering weather conditions did not suit the Barron (as our ship was called). The waves smashed into each other and pounded on him. The clouds got angry. The mountainous … Continue reading Attack of the Mighty Storm

Movie or what?

  By Vedika Gupta There I heard a knock on my door, afraid to open the door as my parents were out of town. I stood up from my comfy sofa and moved swiftly to see who was there . Through the peephole , I saw to my relief and surprise my apartment amigo, one … Continue reading Movie or what?

The Dream

  By Vedika Gupta Sitting on a casement,I wondered perplexed and drowned in my thoughts,how life is?...Is it true that a god exists or is it just scientific?..Nah..Science is so boring what's the point of thinking so much..I thought and thought,it had been an hour now after I had woken up but I didn't go … Continue reading The Dream

Chocolate Day

By Kriti Hooja It started off like any other regular school day. Mum and Dad were out for a week. Siya and I made ourselves hot Chocolate and left for the bus stop with an energy bar stuffed into our mouth. All that was strange that day were the clouds- their dingy, charcoal colour. We … Continue reading Chocolate Day

Grandma’s Attic

By Kriti Hooja I’ve always been wondering what’s in Grandma’s attic. She has never let anyone in. Last week, Grandma wasn’t keeping well. She called me, “Sarah, come here!” I dashed into her room as she continued, “could you please fetch me a book labelled A LOVELY STORY from my attic? I’d like narrating it … Continue reading Grandma’s Attic